• To connect wires or conductors together or cable with other devices in the
    electrical system, the compression process which is very simple and easy, takes place.
    But, as times past by, the strength loss has been noticed.
    This is disadvantage of the process.

    And it also causes the electrical resistance
    which the currents loss and heat begin.

  • The new process of electrical connection is discovered, “Exothermic Welding Process”.
    This is the welding process for joining two electrical conductors, that employs
    superheated copper alloy to permanently join the conductors.
    The process employs an exothermic reaction of a copper thermite
    composition to heat the copper and requires no external source of heat or current.
    The weld formed has higher mechanical strength than other forms of weld,
    and excellent corrosion resistance. It also does not increase electrical resistance
    over the lifetime of the installation.
  • This method has begun using in Thailand 30 years ago. At that time,
    it was unfamiliar to use and all exothermic products were imported with high price.

    10 years later, Thailand has potential to develope and manufacture
    these products by themselves. Their quality are more wildly accepted with fair cost.
    Now they can be exported to the foreign countries.

  • Static Van Welding co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Thailand

    Static Van Welding co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Thailand

    The company produces and supplies the exothermic welding products
    to many customers in our country. The price is so fair.

    We intend to develope any kind of products to achieve better quality
    that can be widely accepted to the world under the brand name